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The Cost of Garage Demolition Depends on these Factors

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Demolishing your old garage is never a straight-forward process due to certain involvement of factors. For one is the cost that plays a role to demolish the garage. If you happen to get your old garage demolished, then consider these factors in order to get you the price for the work.

  1. Is the Garage Attached or Detached? – If your garage is attached then it will be costlier compared to a garage that is detached. Proper planning, physical condition is some of the factors involved for demolishing an attached garage.
  2. The Size – If your garage has additional stalls, then demolition work is likely to be more expensive.
  3. Based on Material – Materials play role at the time of demolition of the garage. For instance; garage made of bricks has more weight where the demolition work is going to be costly. However, if your garage is made of wood frame, then it will be cheaper. You can save money if your garage is made of items like cinder blocks, decent wood and recement since all these are easy to recycle.
  4. Hazardous Material –The cost for the work is going to be expensive if the garage contains hazardous materials such as the likes of lead paint and asbestos. The reason behind the expense is that these hazardous materials need to be removed first carefully since they are known to cause harmful diseases to our body.
  5. Complexity – Presence of complex factors like electrical wires and plumbing pipes gives rise to the price of demolition work.

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