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Reasons To Walk And Bike To School Or Work

Many of us live close adequate to our school or work that walking or riding a bike is a useful means of transportation. Biking and walking to work or school offer many advantages.  You can also look for the best bike store in South Florida through various websites.

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Here are some reasons why you should walk and bike to work or school!

1. Skip the traffic

One of the worst parts of driving to school or to work is the morning traffic. The temperature comes out at high tide in the morning and the daily commute can be frustrating.

If you choose to walk or bike to school or work, you'll avoid the frustration of traffic jams – you can even enjoy your morning outing.

2. Save money

If your workplace or child's school is only a mile or two from your home, it may not seem like an expensive drive. This may be true in a day, but if you make this trip twice a day, five times a week, the miles will accumulate over time.

Walking or cycling can save you a lot of money on gas and vehicle maintenance in the long run.

3. Help the environment

Leaving your car behind and biking or walking are easy ways to reduce your environmental impact. They make a positive difference whenever you walk or ride a bike instead of driving, even if the distance looks so small that it's overall insignificant.