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Some Properties Of Custom Timber

The most important component in furniture making is timber. It is used extensively in the manufacture of planks and beams. A wood that can yield the minimum dimension of a dimension is called lumber or timber. 

It is usually made from growing woods. It is used primarily for construction or other purposes. You can also look for the custom timber via

Custom Timber

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Timber is in high demand because of its versatility and use as a building material, furniture, or for other purposes. Let's look at the many uses and properties of timber:

Timber properties

It is important to understand the properties of timber before you start using it. Before you use timber, it is important to understand its physical and mechanical characteristics.

Color: The timber is more fragile the lighter it is. There are many different colors from one tree to another. You will notice that freshly cut walnut, teak, and deodar are whitish.

HardnessFor resistance and other attributes, check the timber's hardness.

Specific Gravity: The specific gravity of timber is usually 0.3 to 0.9. The pores in the timber will play a major role in determining the specific gravity. It can rise to 1.5 if the pores are smaller.

Moisture ContentTimber is naturally hydrophobic. Timber is more susceptible to fungal attacks if it has more water.

There are many uses for timber in different industries, including chemicals and dyestuffs. These uses have been replaced by synthetic chemical dyes and resin. It can also be used to produce other materials such as resin, tannin, drugs, or gum.