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Buying Dried Flowers – How to Choose the Best?

When winter strikes and fall takes its regular visit, flowers both live and dried offer color and scent. But when the price of fresh flowers are rocketing sky high you can enjoy dried ones. When you buy dried flowers, you get the opportunity to create a bouquet with blossoms that typically aren't in the same season. Roses, baby's breath and hydrangeas are the favorite buys, but actually, any flower can be successfully dried and used in the stead of fresh.

There are a number of methods by which suppliers produce dried flowers. Thus, when you buy them, it is advisable that you follow consumers' recommendations so that you will be able to get the most out of your buying experience.

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So, here are a few notes you should remember when you buy:

• Online wholesale vendors may be a little bit expensive but they offer a wider array of flowers than local craft stores.

• Dry flowers last longer-but they don't last forever. Remember to buy new ones to replace your dried arrangements at least once a year.

• Pick flowers which have preserved their color. Steer clear from flowers with brown or yellow tints.

• Opt for flowers with fully opened petals which are firmly attached. Make sure that the buds are firm and round.

• When touched, the petals should have some "give"-they should not shatter or fall off when the stem is handled. Focus particularly on material with multiple tiny flowers on the same stem.

• Dried flowers should have straight stems and well-attached flowers that do not quiver when picked up. Don't buy dried flowers that face down—they should face up or outwards.

• If you're buying online, ask for samples. It's also a good idea to buy from enterprises that grow and dry their own flowers.