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Why You Need to Hire a Cracks Foundation Repair Specialist

Brick houses are well-known for their stately and solid appearance. Brick walls are resistant to insect and fire damage and require minimal maintenance. 

Brick walls can sometimes need to be repaired, especially if cracks start to form. This will help to preserve the home's value and appearance. A cracks foundation expert can help with this.

cracks foundation specialists

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Beautiful but Brittle

No matter what construction method was used to build a brick house or whether it was constructed using different materials, all of them share the same weakness. Cracks can be caused by brick's rigidity and brittleness if foundations move, even if there is only the slightest soil settlement. These disruptions can lead to cracks and uneven floors in your home.

There is often a distinction between structural cracks formed by physical damage and bricks. Structural cracks are more common than other cracks. While physical damage can cause bricks to fall off or crumble, foundation settlement usually causes stair-step cracks. These cracks follow mortar joints but can also penetrate bricks. These cracks, which are often zig-zag in shape, tend to be larger towards the top than at the bottom. This indicates the settlement of soils beneath the foundation.

Brick Wall Cracks and Soil Settlement

Soil can expand and shrink in both directions. When there is no load-bearing soil, soil shrinkage occurs. This can lead to avoiding or empty space under the soil. It can form around the foundation of the house or below it but cause foundation shifts. Brick walls are particularly susceptible to this problem because they have limited flexibility and can crack easily on a foundation that is settling.

Foundation repair professionals are well-equipped to handle these kinds of issues. Foundation repair contractors can stabilize an existing foundation and prevent soil shifting or foundation settlement. Foundation specialists use foundation piers to stabilize foundations. These are installed in the ground near the foundation and connected to the foundation for support.