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Buy Tascam Classic Cassette Hoodie

A blog article on these two things: the Tascam cassette hoodie and Washburn burl fanny pack. This article talks about how both items are related, what they are made of, how they're different, and who might like each one better. 

What is the Tascam Classic Cassette Hoodie?

The Tascam Classic Cassette Hoodie is a soft, comfortable hoodie that is perfect for chilly mornings or lazy afternoons. The fabric is a blend of cotton and polyester and it is machine-washable. 

Bruce has a few more questions about the Tascam M-80 cassette: Is it possible to put more than one cassette in the case? You getting ready to upgrade your cassette and might have a room with this system. You have read on your site that you recommend a Shimano 9-speed system but they are not available here in the states. 

The hoodie features a drawstring closure at the waist to keep it in place, and the sleeves are cuffed for a relaxed fit. The Tascam Classic Cassette Hoodie is available in sizes small to extra-large, and it is available in black or navy blue. 

What are the Tascam Classic Cassette Hoodie’s Features?. The Tascam Classic Cassette Hoodie has a relaxed fit and is made from 100% cotton.