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Tooth Extraction in Houston

For some people, hearing the words 'tooth extraction' alone can cause them to flee and not look back. This process can indeed be the most-feared among patients because the procedure often implies pain. However, patients should not be afraid of having their teeth pulled if that is what their dental situation is calling for.

Tooth extraction is done for a variety of reasons, but the most common must be the decaying of the teeth. Tooth decay is caused by plaque-gathering bacteria in the mouth, the natural process of degeneration due to old age, or certain disorders which primarily affect teeth making individuals more prone to the cavity.

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Some opt for extraction if the permanent teeth are blocked by the baby teeth that did not fall off in due time. Those who have extra teeth have gum problems, have broken or cracked teeth or those who are getting dental braces may also need to undergo extraction to have a healthier set of teeth. People receiving certain kinds of drugs or medical procedures (surgeries, radiation, transplants) also have to pull out their bad teeth to avoid having infections.

If the tooth to be pulled out can be seen in the mouth, the generally-accepted procedure to be done is the simple extraction, usually using only two dental equipment for the procedure (elevator for loosening the tooth, and forceps for removing it).

Surgical extractions, on the other hand, are more intricate and typically includes cutting into the gum to have access to the tooth to be extracted, which are often broken tooth or tooth which have failed to come into the mouth. Dentists normally use local anesthesia through injection or through a vein. Some patients with specific needs might need to be given general anesthesia. These numbness-inducing drugs should guarantee that you will not feel pain during the duration of the procedure.