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Role and Responsibility of Technical Support Engineers

A technical support engineer's job entails troubleshooting and diagnosing computer and IT issues. Technical support engineers are expected to have a basic understanding of computer networks, as this expertise can assist them in resolving issues such as a group of computers attempting to print to a shared printer over the same network, or other similar challenges. You can get the best technical support service for your business online.

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A Local Area Network, or LAN, is a computer or PC network that is frequently abbreviated to LAN, which is taken from the initial letter of each word. Physical connections and wires connecting different devices and nodes that enable communication over a network are referred to as networks and network infrastructure.

When one device stops working or interacting with other nodes or devices, it might affect a large number of users who are seeking to access the failing device's services. Technical support experts can assess the reason for a problem and give viable remedies to keep the IT service running smoothly with a basic grasp of networks.

Sometimes permanent solutions cannot be implemented as the system might have to be upgraded first, or compatibility issues may exist, therefore interim solutions or workaround might be sorted until system compatibility and upgrades have been established or stabilized. As most IT departments endorse ITIL as a framework for its service and support. 

This ensures best practices are used to manage and support the corporate IT systems, bringing about a professional image to the IT department. Fixing or replacing faulty hardware devices is another support request.