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How to Choose a Table Tennis Table

Table tennis has historically been known as a highly addictive game. Most of the gamers who play sports are always addicted to games. To achieve the right game of table tennis, you need the right equipment.

Find the best table tennis table for your needs with this professional buying guide. Table tennis tables vary in properties, materials, sizes, etc. 

Full Size: A standard table tennis table is 9 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 2.5 feet high. A full-size table is the best option for someone who takes gaming seriously and has room for a more permanent device in their home. You can buy Joola Ping Pong Tables at

Adjustable Height: If you want your little one to have fun, an adjustable-height table might be the right choice. This table has legs that can lower and raise the height of the table. This is useful for younger players to experience the full playing surface but still be able to reach the ball when played close to the net.

Conversion Tops: As a space-saving method, renovated countertops can give you the opportunity to play table tennis at home, even if the size of your room dictates.

Know The Bounds: While usually considered an indoor sport, table tennis can also be played outdoors, but only if you have the right table. Indoor tables are more common and legal for competitive play, but because of the materials, which are often plywood, chipboard, and plastic, they can be deformed or damaged by the sun and other weather conditions.

It is also important to remember that a higher quality outdoor table tennis table may cost a higher price than an equivalent indoor table.