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Know About Carbon Capture Steel Industry

Carbon capture technology is one of the most important for CO2 emission reduction.  This technology will not only help in improving the quality of air but also help in reducing pollution of air and water. The carbon capture steel industry is responsible for 8% of global carbon emissions. 

Steel carbon capture is essential for plants to begin to reduce their impact on our world. Various companies are working on this technology like Dastur Energy. Dastur Energy is helping steel producers transition to low-carbon emissions steel through viable mega-scale solutions across the entire steel production value chain. You can get more information regarding the carbon capture steel industry via

There are various challenges companies will face in this technology:

  • Substitution of the BF-BOF route
  • Dependence on renewable energy
  • Suitability of alternative reductant/fuel

The modern architecture of the industries is taking advantage of technologies such as supercritical CO2 power cycles and H2 turbines. It helps to make the infrastructure clean. It allows clean power generation subsystems to draw upon the common gasification infrastructure. Various options are available based on technology maturity, future scale requirements, the economics of operation, CO2 emissions, and carbon capture.

Dastur Energy is providing different solutions to the companies in producing  low-carbon emissions :

  • Gas conditioning, fuel conversion, CO2 capture retrofit, and generation of low carbon energy carriers
  • H2 based iron & steelmaking
  • CO2 capture & utilisation
  • Feedstock optimization