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Effective Pest Control For Eradicating Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a real threat in the city. These insects tend to settle on beds and mattresses in homes and hotels and are active at night. They go out at night and bite in bed, leaving a red trail with some swelling.

There are conventional chemical sprays on the market, but they are very harmful to the respiratory tract of humans and animals in the area. They are also very harmful to the environment and plant life. If you want to opt for a bed bug control service, you should look for a company that offers green pest control.

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Not only will green pest control help keep bedbugs away forever, but it will also provide you with a one-stop solution instead of multiple visits and multiple treatments. Many well-known pest control companies have turned to more environmentally friendly pest control practices due to better performance and yields.

Apart from bed bugs, termite control is also an issue that requires immediate attention. Unfortunately, the damage caused by termites is not insured and these tiny pests can destroy your home and furniture before you even know it.

Pest control companies have started using a new "bait method" to kill termites and ensure they never return. In this method, the bait system is installed in the soil around your house and the termites in the soil are fed from the bait cartridges.