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Why Are Modular Sofas So Expensive?

In connection with modern trends in home decor, modular sofas have become a very popular choice. It is an established alternative to the classic combination of a three-piece sofa and two armchairs. You can now buy the best sofas from professionals and modern sofa manufacturers.

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However, because they are more complex to produce and value segment by segment, they often cost more than equivalent corner sofas or traditional love chairs. Why are modular sofas associated with this additional cost?

The first port to understand why the higher price is justifiable must be the production process itself. Typically, the five main phases of a sofa maker are design, frame construction, upholstery, top cover and execution. 

Since each of these phases requires very different skills, sofas are usually made in craft workshops or mass production facilities, where specialized teams work together to carry out each phase of the process. Therefore, every aspect of the sofa, from concept to completion, requires a certain amount of time and financial resources. 

For a modular sofa, this process should be carried out in segments, effectively dividing the section into three to four separate elements of a small sofa. This not only requires a higher level of productivity, but also increases the likelihood of errors, which in itself comes at a cost to the business.