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Fixing a Loose Sliding Glass Door Handle

Sliding door handle repair is one of those projects that’s lingered on your perpetual to-do list for ages, but today’s the day, you’re finally going to fix that loose sliding glass door handle. The job is a simple one, and if you’ve got a common handle on your sliding glass door, you’ll really only need a screwdriver to complete your sliding door handle repair.

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Here’s how it’s done:

Remove the Screw Covers

Your loose handle in question will be attached to the sliding glass door via screws. The screws might not be outright obvious, and the manufacturer could have installed covers or tabs in a matching color scheme overtop the screw heads to make the handle more aesthetic.

After you’ve located the screws that attach your problematic handle to the door, remove these tabs.  In the meantime, place these tabs someplace safe so you don’t lose them.

Use a Screwdriver to Tighten

A novice DIY person can fix a loose sliding glass door handle with ease.  The only tool this task demands is a flathead screwdriver. Now that your screw heads are exposed, you’re able to tighten them, thus successfully troubleshooting the problem of your jiggling handle.

Replace the Screw Covers

Finalize your project by replacing your screw covers back on your door’s handle. The covers should be flush with the rest of the handle, as they were before.