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Make Your Tabular Wheelset Last Longer

According to a government survey, the average daily bike trip increased by 20% between 1986 and 2010. You need to learn how to care for your bike so it can take on many trips without any problems. 

These are some tips to ensure your 50mm carbon tubular wheels lasts for many more trips. You can read full information over here (which is also known as “Lesen Sie hier die vollstndigen Informationen” in German language)  to know more about bike wheelsets.

Use the Right Tools and Components

Each manufacturer will recommend specific brake pads for 50mm carbon tubular wheels. The brake pads made of cork ceramic composite are heat-resistant and can produce very little heat. 

Overheating can cause damage to carbon wheels so it is important that you adhere to the manufacturer's instructions. You won't damage the wheels by using the wrong brake pad.

Washing Your Bike

Normal washing your carbon bike with warm soapy water is fine. Be careful when washing the parts close to the cranks and bearings. These sections should not be washed with water. 

Dealing with Flats

Sometimes, you may have a flat tire. If you don't make a mistake while fixing the tire, it is not a big deal. It is important to choose the right tools for fixing flats. Plastic tire levers are better for 50mm carbon tubular wheels than metal ones. They can cause damage to the wheels.