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Self-Publishing Insights For The Self-Empowered Authors

Recently, I was reflecting on my decision to self-publish and decided to write a blog post detailing the reasons and how I did it. This article will continue the discussion on self-publishing, and expand upon some of the ideas that I shared back then.

For me, book self publishing was a great adventure. It is one avenue of self-expression that is open for all creative people who have something to share. This isn't an easy task, because there are a lot of steps involved. As the editor, writer, and publicist, it is not an easy process.

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You could think of it as a digital age loophole to the publishing industry. The first question that I asked was "Why not?" It is not possible for every writer to afford an agent. Some writers don't want to go through the tedious process of rejections, submissions, and money spent but not made.

Although the traditional path may not be for everyone, it is possible to publish your work if you are looking for tangible proof of your work to give away, gift, and leverage in other creative endeavors. Technology is leveling the playing fields. Technology gives us the ability to share and spread our messages in many formats digitally and physically so that they can be seen by our audience and in the hands of readers around the globe.

Self-publishing has been an important source of self-empowerment for me. It's helped me to adopt a new mindset. Progress is my everyday goal and I am committed to taking small steps towards doing instead of dreaming. This is a way to become a maker, rather than a consumer. This gives me great pride.