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The Need For Non-Toxic Cookware

We are a generation that continues to struggle with many illnesses, allergies and chronic illnesses. Many factors contribute to this – especially pollution, unhealthy cooking and eating habits. From here, we can't change pollution overnight, but we can certainly change what we eat and how we cook. Healthy eating is very important for a healthy life. 

Healthy cooking involves choosing ingredients carefully and cooking in the safest way possible. Therefore, non-toxic cooking utensils take an hour. You can also discover the safest cookware at

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As for the cooking process, common pots and pans are made of metal and ceramic – both of which remove toxins from food. Metal is extracted from whatever is stored in it. This may not occur at room temperature, but as we know, cooking occurs and, when heated, this metal reacts with the food and is extracted.

Similarly, ceramics contain chemicals that penetrate food as it cooks. The poisons of these metals and ceramics are extremely harmful to health and the harmful changes they cause to the organs are irreversible.

It is important to switch to cookware made from 100% pollutant free ingredients. Pure clay is one such material. It is collected from uncultivated and non-industrialized countries of the United States, where it is found in its purest form. Because it is naturally inert, it does not release toxins when cooked.

With all the demands of a busy life, our body today above all needs good food. Really good food can only be prepared in "healthy" cookware and is 100% pollutant free.