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Why Its Important To Make Smart Decisions About Restaurant Food Packaging

However, food packaging is not all practical. It's also about security. After COVID-19, many restaurants closed their canteens and opted for export and delivery using tools to protect employees and customers. In fact, online orders have increased by more than 25% since then, with 78% of consumers ordering online more often or more frequently than before.

Of those who order supplies and delivery, 84% believe packaging is an important aspect when placing an order. For restaurants – especially those that have recently added an online ordering system – that means getting the right packaging such as custom take-out packs for export their food is critical to attracting customers and retaining customers.

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The packaging offers many advantages. To take advantage of these benefits, you need to take the time to choose the right packaging for your business. 

Controlling temperature:

There's nothing worse than ordering pizza, soup, or pasta just to chill. In fact, 60% of diners believe that the freshness, quality, and temperature of their food are the most important factors when ordering delivery. Ideally, hot and cold foods should be packaged separately so that each dish reaches the desired temperature.

Strengthen your brand identity:

Packaging is another brand touchpoint that helps you connect with your customers through the smart use of color, design, and copy. If your restaurant is known for its quirky sense of humor, you can create packaging that reflects the unique personality of the brand.

Show your values:

Regardless of whether you are committed to sustainability or want to raise awareness of an important social issue, your packaging can convey the value of your restaurant. For example, biodegradable packaging is an easy way to show customers that you care about the environment.