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Leaving Cert Students Deserve Choice Of Predicted Grades

The government has ensured that all students who drop out of the certificate will be given the opportunity to choose a prospective grade or take an exam in June this year. This way, students can choose between plan scores or written exams – or both – for individual subjects and determine which scores are the best.

The oral exam takes place during the Easter holidays or shortly thereafter for students who choose to take the exam. Students who select only approximate scores do not have to take this exam. If you also want to study for leaving cert grinds exam, then you may enroll in grinds from Irelands number 1 school

In some subjects, practical exams are not possible for health reasons. Details about this have not been confirmed. The junior certificate exam for 60,000 students was canceled to make room for a greater focus on facilitating certificate leave. Students who leave certificates will likely be able to return to classes from March 1, although no formal agreement has been reached.

Although the Irish Teachers' Union has said it will facilitate the return of students with certificates, the Irish Association of Secondary School teachers has not. The government and trade unions are working to encourage as many students as possible to take written exams and remain employed until the end of the school year.