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Things To Know Before Pressure Washing Anything

Most of you know pressure wash or power wash. It's used interchangeably with each other but make no mistake because they both are very different in function and working. They both are indeed used to cleaning your house and getting rid of all those stubborn stains, grime, mold, and anything you don't like. But not knowing the difference between where to use pressure or power can cause damage to the surfaces.

When getting any pressure or power wash for your house, make sure to hire professional pressure washing services, because this process is highly dangerous and requires experienced hands to complete the task perfectly.


The power washer is the same as pressure washing with only one major difference, i.e., heat! The water is heated before being projected out of the nozzle. This steam cleaning pressure washing is called a power wash. As the name suggests, it is used for heavy-duty cleaning. Where there is extreme grease, dirt, mold, or grime, the heated and pressured water will remove anything in its way.

It will clean nearly everything, and in the hands of an amateur, it will damage your house surface like masonry, wood, even concrete walls will get damaged. So, make sure to use a professional service in such scenarios.

Pressure washing is more subtle than power washing, but still, it is very dangerous. Pressured water can cut through diamonds and graphene, which are some of the toughest elements on earth, so imagine if used carelessly, it can cause serious damage to the property or even your life.

Know The Chemicals

When pressure or power washing, there are three different chemicals used depending on the requirement of the homeowner.


These remove the dirt and any other grime and molds.


These will kill bacteria within 30 seconds or less.