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How Much You Need a Life Insurance Premium Calculator?

A life insurance premium calculator and a life needs calculator are two of the most valuable tools available right now. Both are the same thing, but they have two different titles. You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right policy for your family. 

To get an estimate of the amount you will need to purchase, you can either use the 5-10 year income rule agents to help you guess or use a title insurance cost calculator to calculate the exact figure.

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This quick guide will help you get started with the information that you need to gather before using a life insurance premium calculator. This guide is for couples without or with children or financially dependent on their spouses.

1. Calculate funeral costs. A low-key funeral costs around $10,000 at the moment. To account for inflation, you can increase the cost by up to half of it or double it completely.

2. Estimate your estate taxes based on the items you leave behind

3. Calculate unpaid mortgage debt, with your mortgage exempt.

4. Calculate how much "mad cash" you will need to cover unexpected expenses and emergencies.

5. Plan for at least $75,000 per student if you intend to pay for your children's higher educational expenses. This is for a "cheap college" or university. If they are planning to go to Harvard, double or triple this amount.

6. How much would your family's annual living costs be if you were gone? The average household could spend anywhere from $25,000 up to $150,000.

7. Deduct your spouse's salary from the coverage that you require if they would work after your death. This will reduce your premium slightly.