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The All-New Kromlech Sons Of Thor Starter Sets

The Kromlech Sons of Thor Starter Sets are the perfect introduction to Kromlech's newest range of miniatures. It comes with everything you need for your army – fully assembled and painted. Included in this starter set are two Prime Bodies, two Shields, and a Battle Engine with Trench Rai. You can now create an entirely new army with these new special edition sets of models.

The Kromlech all-new starters sets is a new 6-piece set that comes with the Kromlech Lord of the Undead miniature and 4 unique cards. These sets are perfect for beginners as they include everything you need to get started playing Warhammer. If you love to play with miniatures visit over here to shop your Kromlech bits sets.

kromlech bits

The all-new Kromlech sons of thor starter sets are now available for purchase. The sets include the Kromlech Warlord, the Kromlech Lieutenant, and the Kromlech Archer. Kromlech sons of thor are a new set of miniatures for Warhammer 40,000 that consist of four different models – a Space Marine Captain, a Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer, a Bloodthirster, and a Daemon Prince.

Its set includes two unique weapons – the Ardent Blade and the Chainsword of Khorne. The Ardent Blade is a melee weapon that is powerful but slow to swing, while the Chainsword of Khorne is a fast weapon that can cause instant death.

The other two models in the set are the Captain and the Sorcerer. The Captain is an elite Space Marine unit that can take lots of damage before dying, while the Sorcerer is a powerful spell caster that can bring death to his enemies from long range.