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How does Hypnosis Work to Program your mind?

Did you ever find yourself singing a song for a commercial that you didn't like? You wouldn't want to watch the commercial. How did you hear this song? 

Answer this question by putting aside all your responsibilities. For a few moments, close your eyes and pay attention to the sounds around you. These are the sounds you should be identifying. With your eyes closed, now ask yourself if these sounds were familiar to you. You did. They bypassed your conscious attention and reached your subconscious because you weren't paying any attention. 

Ever thought of what is hypnosis and how does hypnosis work? Hypnosis works similarly. Although some of the things the hypnotherapist explains during a session may seem absurd to the conscious mind's ears, the subconscious can interpret them and respond accordingly.

Image Source: Google

Image Source: Google

Advertisers can get inside your head this way. We believe that advertising doesn't affect us because we don’t pay much attention to it. These commercials are directed at your subconscious mind and not your conscious. 

Society gives us a program from early childhood. Our parents, our siblings, friends, and teachers all program us. This programming is mostly nonverbal and takes place before we turn 5. Our psyches are permanently influenced by a mean look, harsh tone, and a slap on their wrist. This programming can be beneficial throughout our lives. It helps us function in the real world. We can be affected by another programming, which can cause serious problems in adulthood and even throughout our lives.

No one programmed our minds in a particular way. Most of this programming happens by us observing certain things.