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Information You Need to Know About HVAC Repair Issues

HVAC units can sometimes have problems, no matter how durable or reliable they are. While some of these issues can be fixed by homeowners, most require professional attention. 

You can get more information about heating service in Whitby at Here below are the most common HVAC repairs that you can  do, according to experts.

1. The filter can be cleaned or replaced. The filter prevents dirt, dust, and other debris from getting into the indoor space every time your cooling or heating system is turned on.

2. The gas valve is required to heat your home during cold months. It controls the flowing of gas which heats the air. This valve is often exposed to the elements and may become corroded. A trained technician should replace the component if this happens.

3. Thermostats are becoming more complicated as technology advances. These thermostats are designed to control your home’s heating and cooling system. 

4. The Blown fuses are located in the evaporator coil on your home unit. They prevent the compressor or motor from overheating. As the breaker trips, fuses can fail when a motor is in its final days. 

5. Drain lines that are blocked. Filled drain lines can lead to blockages in drain lines that could cause water to back up into the drain pan. This could lead to significant water damage to your unit’s housing. 

6. Refrigerant leak- There is a chance that your central air system is producing warm air instead of cold. These leaks can’t be fixed even with help from an HVAC technician. The parts need to be replaced.

7. The bad compressor is the most critical component of your A/C unit. It is a small, industrious part that can fail if the refrigerant level is too low or high. Although you can adjust the refrigerant yourself, it is best to call a professional.