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Holiday Lighting Tips and Tricks

Holidays are full of memories, beautiful light displays, and gatherings with family and friends. It's actually a favorite time of the year. It can be daunting to install holiday lighting fixtures. 

There are many tricks and tips to help you put them up and take them down.

Make a plan

You will need to measure the length of stringed light fixtures to fit around windows and doors. You should measure the spaces and calculate how much string you will need. You can also hire a technician to install a holiday light in Brookfield.

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Before installing

Before installing lights inside or out, it is vital to test them. You could end up with lights that aren't working, don't light, or have a dead bulb. Before hanging lights outside, make sure you plug them in properly and test each bulb.

Buy Clips

You're likely to have been frustrated if you've tried to install lights around your home's edge. You're probably frustrated or stressed because you haven't bought the right clips to hang your light fixtures. 

These clips attach to your gutters and other fixtures in your home. They will keep the lights safe from rain, snow, or sleet. They are easy to store and takedown.

Take a look at Light Uses

Indoor-only lighting is not permitted outside. However, outdoor lights are also allowed inside. If you are planning an outdoor display, make sure to get boxes of outdoor-rated light fixtures. You could endanger your home and cause a fire.

Take the lights down

It is important to wrap string lights and other light fixtures properly before storing them away for the next year. You can reduce the stress of having them installed again next year by properly storing them.