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Different Types Of Bulldozer Parts

For all types of heavy construction work, an bulldozer is a very important machine to complete this task. These machines mainly consist of housing, bucket, stick and arrow. Different types of jobs require bulldozers with different configurations which are already available in the market. 

You can buy different types of komatsu bulldozer parts via to replace the destroyed engine part of your bulldozer. The most common types of bulldozers found on a typical construction site include:

Dump Truck: A heavy duty truck that tilts back so it can dump bulk.

End loader: Platform lifter that lifts the load so that it is flush with the back of the truck.

Scrapers: They are responsible for removing areas that are too high on a construction site and for depositing soil on areas that are too low.

Excavator: A type of bulldozer in which the bucket is securely attached to the boom post.

Bulldozer: A machine with a large shovel to push large quantities of material off the construction site.

Goosebumps: Machines with large booms for digging deep holes and trenches.

Large end loader: Steering, acting on a sturdy drive axle, allows the machine to carry large loads without risk of damage.

Bulldozer engine parts usually require regular maintenance, for example, a removable metal strip is attached to the bucket and designed to be worn and replaced. Make sure you continue to make these improvements to ensure your bulldozer is performing at its best.