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Make The Best Choice For Wheelchair Ramps

There are many people using wheelchairs. With two-thirds of these using them regularly, there is a growing requirement for accessories to enhance them. Probably the most important of these are wheelchair ramps. Their correct installation makes areas of the home and outside much more accessible.

Installing aluminium & rubber threshold ramp in doorways greatly improves wheelchair access. Most thresholds only provide a barrier of a couple of inches in height. Still, this can be enough to cause problems if you are using a chair or a wheeled walking aid.

Thresholds typically require ramps providing a slope on either side. Rubber or flexible plastic is a good material for the job. Modular units offer a good choice for this situation. These have small parts which fit together to create the desired height and width of the ramp.

These ramps are great for wheelchairs, as well as for someone using a walking frame with wheels, or a rollator. Many modular ramp systems are quite heavy, preventing them from slipping or sliding out of position when in use. 

The rubber versions have high friction with the ground, useful if they are on a hard surface. Even for relatively small obstacles like thresholds, it is important to ensure that the ramp is not too steep.