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Grease Trap Maintenance Should Never Be Ignored In Auckland

A common phenomenon that many commercial restaurants face is the handling of grease, oil and grease from dishes. Most commercial kitchens have grease traps installed. Although the oil separator is effective at filtering waste, it also needs to be cleaned regularly. Some people hire professional cleaners for grease traps. You can also take help from experienced commercial grease trap cleaning for their cleaning services.

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Here are some good reasons why you should clean grease traps frequently.

Kitchens produce cooking waste and sewage over time, especially liquid wastes such as oil, and grease. Unlike your home, where you simply pour grease, fat and grease into a drain container, cooking in a commercial kitchen is a bit more difficult. When waste builds up, it becomes a big problem if you don’t have proper grease trap maintenance services. 

Grease traps are available in various sizes from very large to small. It is usually connected to the sink and its main role is to prevent the accumulation of oil and grease in the sewer system. Fat traps are mainly found in large kitchens.

Grease traps work by cooling hot fat or hot water. Cooling the oil, grease allows separation of the different layers of waste and oil, and the fat in the water floats in the trap. Fat minus cold water flows through the pipe to the sewer.

If you don’t repair the grease trap, you run the risk of a backlog due to an outlet that is clogged or needs cleaning. These problems result in costly repairs for your business.