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5 Ways To Improve Employee Attendance

Here are 5 things you can do to increase your workplace attendance:

1. Tell employees about expectations

Ensure employees understand presence expectations and also the effect excessive absences have on the company, such as staying team members, productivity, and client support. This sort of information ought to be clear when personnel are introduced and strengthened by worker recommendations, codes of behavior, or private vacation policies.

2. Analyze the attendance list

Analyze attendance records to correctly determine employee absence rates and specific trends. For example, an employee who doesn't seem to always work on Monday or Friday, or before or after a day off. There is no law against colliding with employees and asking for explanations for why absences occur most frequently on certain days.

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3. Have a clear policy

Have clear policies and procedures that employees must follow when they leave the office.

You have to prove your disease. This can be a medical certificate or a mandatory statement. Note: Under the Honest Work Act 2009, an employee is no longer required to provide a medical certificate or mandatory declaration. In contrast, the National Unwanted / Individual Employment Standard ("SPN") requires employers to provide satisfactory evidence of a "reasonable person" of incapacity to work.

4. Track employees when they return

Supervise employees when they return to work and ask them about their health and whether they can resume their normal duties.

5. Identify hidden causes

Identify any hidden causes. Oftentimes, a bad presence is just a symptom of a bigger problem, not the root cause. Apart from common ailments, there are many reasons why an employee on leave is excessively sick:

  •  Drug and alcohol problems

  •  Problems with employees or managers

  •  They don't handle burdens or other aspects of their job

  • Family / marital problems

  • Work-life balance