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How To Pick A Concealed Carry Class In Florida To Get Your Permit?

While the law spells out the minimum requirements for a concealed carry permit class, it is important to realize that all "CCW" classes in Florida are not the same. Here are some tips for choosing the best class possible.

1) Choose your instructor wisely

Getting certified as an instructor does not always mean that you are a great teacher / trainer. Remember that some of the most experienced teachers in high school can be some of the most boring. To get more information on Florida concealed carry class, visit

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If the course instructor in Florida is a law enforcement officer, for example, who simply trains in his spare time, then you may want to find out if he is good at teaching fun and engaging classes. Being an expert in the field does not mean that you can teach it well.

2) Make sure it is an NRA curriculum in Florida

The gold standard in firearms training in the United States is the NRA. Sometimes independent instructors improvise a class that may meet state requirements, but does not teach all elements of firearm safety and marksmanship effectively.

3) Avoid "lecture" formats

Many instructors who are simply "subject matter experts" and not experienced teachers / trainers in Florida will lead their class in a traditional lecture format, thinking that using a PowerPoint slide show makes the class effective.

The class you attend should be hands-on with training aids like simulated pistols and real pistols with simulated ammunition in the classroom. You don't have to wait to get to the shooting range before handling your guns and learning how to load them properly.