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Top 3 Common Flyer Printing Mistakes

Flyer printing companies may have a reputation for making errors and you might be worried about ordering too many flyers. It's understandable that there are common errors that flyers ordering can lead to poor results. 

1.There is not enough blood.

Flyer printing jobs can be disastrous if there is not enough bleed around your design. Business Flyer Printing must look professionally printed to attract customers. Unprinted edges, misalignment, or text cutoff can make it difficult for businesses to order flyer printing. 

These errors are usually not the fault of flyer printing companies and can easily be avoided. Before you send your flyer to be printed, ensure that there is at least 3mm of bleed around the design. 

Different printers have different bleed sizes so make sure to check with your flyer printing business beforehand.

2.Printing wrong fonts

The chances are high that the printing company doesn't have the font you need if you use an unusual font or special font that you purchased for the job. 

The printing company will look at the document, and either uses the default font setting or an equivalent font to the closest one and then print the design with that font. 

This can be avoided by embedding the fonts used for your flyer design into the documents you send. This is a good practice to ensure safety. This will ensure that the font is included in the document so they can print the design exactly how you want it.

3.The black isn't enough.

This is another common mistake made by printing companies that people will be blaming. This problem is easily rectified before the design goes to the printer. It is likely that the black color used in your design was created with the black color from your swatch palette. 

This black will look cool, dull, and grayish. This black will look like the plastic on a black TV set or laptop, and the black plastic parts of any printer. You will need to add magenta to your black to get a rich, vibrant and warm black.