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The Benefits of Nitric Oxide

If you suffer from heart disease, or have gone to the ER because of chest pain, it is very likely they sprayed Nitroglycerine under your tongue or rubbed Nitroglycerine paste on your chest to reduce the chest pain. Nitroglycerine causes the blood vessels in the coronary arteries to release nitric oxide.

This allows more oxygen to the heart. Nitric oxide can permeates tissues in less than a second, causing arteries to relax and expand to reduce blood pressure.

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Nitric oxide signals immune cells to kill harmful bacteria and cancer cells, and helps brain cells to communicate with each other. Nitric oxide reduces the inflammation of arthritis; it protects bones from osteoporosis, helps heal chronic wounds, improves both male and female body functions, helps make anti-depressants more effective, and reduces sun damage to the skin.

Drink beet juice – It’s high in Nitric oxide. If possible, take an infra-red sauna. Take nitro-glycerine (a prescription medication). Or take nitric oxide tablets (which are not prescription).

It is a fact that the regeneration of RBC is imperative to help prevent menstrual disorders in women, anemia, and symptoms of menopause in women by having just regular beetroot juice because it contains nitric oxide