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Why Does Branding Matters So Much?

Every business has a brand, regardless of whether you know it or not. It is how you build it that will make the difference between standing out from the crowd and being overlooked; presenting a positive or negative image; growing your business, or simply existing; reaching your target audience successfully or not. 

People who manage their brand well can reap huge rewards. Find out what triggers your target audience. Safety is the number one priority for Volvo buyers. Safety and Volvo have become synonymous. Volvo has strategically focused its brand on safety because of this emotional connection. You can know more about branding via

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Volvo's 2006 Volvos are described on the company's website as "Explore safety in all its beauty with 2006 Volvos." There is even a section on the site called "Volvo Saved My Life Club", which features stories about real Volvo owners who were able to protect themselves from car accidents. These stories are both emotional and highlight the Volvo brand's association with safety. 

Volvo has a loyal customer base as a result. Your brand is an experience that the customer has. MasterCard(r), with its "Priceless” advertising campaign, is the best at delivering this message. They know that customers want to feel confident about purchasing items with their MasterCard(r). 

Cardholders have the opportunity to win cash, trips, and even a house through regular promotions. A 60 second TV commercial costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is priceless to build a brand that makes customers feel confident about purchasing MasterCard(r). Understand what customers associate with your brand, and how you can capitalize on that.