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What Is A Blockchain?

Blockchains are distributed databases shared by the computers' nodes network. As a database, blockchain stores data electronically in digital form.

Blockchains are most well-known for their essential function in the cryptocurrency system like Bitcoin as a means of creating a secure and non-centralized database of transactions. You can get more information about blockchain trading companies like RAMP DEFI.

The advantage of blockchains is that it assures the integrity and security of data. It also creates trust without the requirement for a trusted third party.

The main difference between normal databases and blockchains is the way the data is organized. A blockchain stores information in groups, also known by the name of blocks which are a collection of various information. 

Blocks can be stored in a variety of capacities and, when they're filled they are then closed and connected to the previous block and form the chain of information known as the blockchain. Any new information added to the newly added block will be assembled into a brand new block which can become part of the chain after it is filled.

A database usually organizes the data it stores into tables, unlike a blockchain, as its name suggests, organizes the database into chunks (blocks) that are connected. 

This structure of data creates an irreversible timeline for data when used in a decentralized manner. Once a block has been filled, it is placed in stone and is made a part of the timeline.