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Frame Signs Attracts Impulse Shoppers

The frame signs are designed on two sides so passersby can see from all directions. Frame signs have proven to be very effective in attracting impulse shoppers and other passersby to your store and business. In addition, this flexible sign frame can also be used outside of clubs, restaurants, theaters, and bars. 

As free-standing sidewalk signs, frame signs can be easily placed in high traffic areas, including corridors. For casual shoppers passing by, and even cars passing through the parking lot, its A-frame markings create a bridge between the sidewalk and the front door. You can buy the best frame signs via

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There are several types of frame characters to choose from:

Polyethylene signs are very popular as frame signs because they are designed to suit any outdoor setting. Polyethylene plastic is inexpensive and durable and will not rust, crack chip, or peel. Many polyethylene signs have a painted surface so you can draw the graphic and change it as often as you like. 

Snap frame designs are ideal for displaying graphic posters such as live images and color ads. Quick clip frames allow for quick poster changes without having to move the sign, and frame clips hold your advertising poster in sandwich panels.

Sidewalks with plastic bases filled with water or sand are ideal for outdoor publications because of their stability. These frame signs are available in various designs. Some have wheels that make it easy to move signs. Others are equipped with strong springs that allow the shield to bend and swing without being blown off by the wind. Many of these sidewalk signs also include snap frames to keep your sign in place.