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Awesome Backdrop Paper Ideas

You have seen those eye-bobbing photos on blogs and social media; be it Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and so forth. The said photos have an awesome foreground subject but more to that, they have a remarkable backdrop.

Enter the custom backdrop and you have an eye-catching way to highlight the subject while adding character and warmth to the photos. Custom backgrounds also create brand identity and consistency.

You can find the best backdrop paper ideas from and make your blog and social images stand out then we got you covered. Here are some awesome ideas;

  • Foam Boards

Foam Boards are the easiest way to create clean backgrounds for your photos. Foam boards are also light and easy enough to move around. The boards can also be used in different colors to add a vibe to the picture.

  • Textured Vinyl Backgrounds

Textured vinyl makes for awesome quick-fix backdrops. You can get different textures and colors to make a variety of backdrops that would look awesome for blog photography.

  • Vintage and Textured Fabrics

There is an airy feel and warmth that textured fabrics add to photos. You can make your backdrop by using old curtains, scarves, hand towels, and muslin clothes arranged well. You can take plan photos of the fabric and then use it as a custom background for the photos you will take over time. 

  • Paper goods

There are millions of blog images out there that use paper as backdrops. You can use wrapping paper, wallpaper, or manila to customize eye-catching backdrops. You can get paper from a craft store near you. If you don't like it plain, you can print out patterns on the paper.