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Effective Determination For Copyright Owner Issue on Amazon

Before we look into how to remedy a Copyright Owner Issue On Amazon, it's important for us to look into what got you on that mess in the first place.

Amazon protects eligible brand owners through Amazon's brand registry trademark This allows owners to take preventive measures to avoid rogue sellers that can seriously tarnish the branding image of a brand and other intellectual property rights issues.

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Through Amazon's Brand Registry, owners get to access proprietary text and image search, which enables them to find rouge sellers of your brand. It also increases the brand owner's authority on product listings, which legally or illegally uses your brand name.

Brand owners, upon knowing that they sustained a copyright or trademark infringement issue, submit a complaint in an online form. Brand owners also use the Report a Violation (RAV) tool if they are members of Amazon's Brand Registry. They also can send a report via email at And that's how you're served with a copyright owner issue on Amazon.

Information on copyright or trademark infringement issue and the things you need to consider

There are a few instances when Amazon passes a copyright or trademark infringement case, but don't be complacent about this. Amazon can't suspend or give you notice if the copyright issue was requested by a brand owner where his or her trademark was registered from another country. For example, if you're living in the United States of America, and a brand owner reports you about a trademark she registered in Canada, Amazon can't suspend you.

Most of the time, Amazon green lights copyright or trademark infringement complaints because most brand owners have pressing reasons why they're complaining in the first place.