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Regular Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning Is Important In Auckland

Lubricants are used in pipes to remove mist and solid food residue from large kitchen drains. And the grease in the restaurant needs to be cleaned every one to three months for it to function properly.

Cleaning grease traps in restaurants has many benefits. You can also avail the benefits of #1 grease trap & converter cleaning services in Auckland.

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1. Prevent clogging and filing

Regular grease removal in restaurants will help prevent clogging of drains, pipes and grease traps and prevent backflow problems. Over time, grease, oil and grease accumulate in the grease trap to form a scale, and food residue contained in the wastewater settles to the bottom as sludge.

2. Keep it clean

Regular grease cleaning ensures cleanliness in the workplace and prevents unwanted situations. If grease traps in restaurants are not cleaned, this can lead to hygiene problems. Oils that you don't treat properly run into the kitchen sink and create an unhealthy, unwanted and unclean work environment.

3. Avoid expensive repairs

Regular cleaning of the oil separator in restaurants avoids costly repairs. Installing a new grease trap or repairing a broken grease trap is an expensive job. It can cost several thousand dollars while cleaning an oil separator in a restaurant doesn't cost several hundred dollars.

4. Avoid environmental problems

Regular cleaning of the oil separator in restaurants prevents environmental problems. Your restaurant grease trap is connected directly to the main sewage system for treated wastewater. If untreated sewage containing MAG is discharged directly into the main sewer, it can cause damage to the main sewer and problems at the local sewage treatment plant.