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How to Become an Aesthetic Nurse

Why become an aesthetic nurse? Why not change your career now? You may be comfortable in your current job, but is that enough to sustain a career for the rest of your life? You might be tired of traditional nursing's physical and emotional demands. It's time to look into online aesthetician training.

There are many reasons why you might want to be an aesthetic nurse.

Such a job is a heavy one. Nursing is an extremely stressful job.

Why become an aesthetic nurse?

Imagine your job as a coach and mentor to help others become their best and happiest selves. Just a second, imagine your worst day at work. This includes helping patients improve their self-images and confidence.

What is an aesthetic nurse, you ask?

A cosmetic nurse is simply a registered nurse who has completed training in medical aesthetics. These nurses are skilled in cosmetic procedures such as IPL photo facials and microdermabrasion.

Aesthetic nurses focus primarily on dermatologic and cosmetic procedures. They assist clients in their quest to improve their health, self-esteem, and appearance.

Why become an aesthetic nurse?

There are many benefits to being an aesthetic nurse.

First, cosmetic nurses are less stressed than their professional counterparts. A medical spa is far more stressful than a high-stress trauma bay or busy waiting room for family practices. Imagine yourself in a place where you can feel calm and peaceful, instead of being in an ICU surrounded by despair and pain.

Aesthetic nurses also enjoy many perks that are not available to other nurses. They don't have to work weekends or on holidays.