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How Do Compressed Air Dryers Work?

Compressed air dehumidifiers, along with other elements such as air filters and oil-water separators, are a key component of your compressed air treatment.

A compressed air dryer is a filter system that liberates your compressed air from the moisture generated during the compression process. You can also explore Compressed Air to get the best information about refrigerated air dryers.

Refrigerated Air Dryer

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This ensures that your compressed air is of high quality and free from harmful moisture that could damage your equipment or negatively affect it during use.

How does a compressed air dryer work?

How your compressed air dryer works depend on the type of dryer you have. Everyone uses a different technique for the same result: providing clean, dry compressed air to work with.

The most common compressed air dryers and their basic principles:

The refrigeration dryer is the most common compressed air dryer. They work by cooling the air while the water vapor condenses and removes it from the air. They are also known as refrigeration dryers.

Adsorption air dryers are usually used as second-stage dryers. They use hydrophilic substances to extract moisture from the air. Well-known subgroups are air dryers and fine air dryers.

Membrane air dryers contain a hydrophilic membrane to allow air to pass through the moisture accumulated on the membrane and travel along the membrane before being evacuated.

When looking for an industrial air dryer, there are many different models to choose from and it's easy to get lost.