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Frequent Problems of Roller Press

1. Massive vibration of the roller press's running during the process of operation the press will be in the sound of vibration. It could also have a loud collision sound. 

This could be due to an extremely thin or thick entry particle, poor sustainability quality, and more press force. The solution is: if the material entering is made up of very thin particles then we need to decrease the amount of feed to increase the diameter of the material that is entering. You can get the best service of hydraulic press repair via

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The distance between the rolling-back materials will grow. However, the viability of raw materials and the security of storage levels for the stock could be assured. Additionally, the roller press must be operated with the correct force for pressing. 

2 The hydraulic oil system is in a bad working state could result from extremely low pressure, a damaged sealing ring, or a leak in the oil chamber. The solution is to ensure that the hydraulic oil in the roller press is in good condition. 

3 Extremely high temperature or huge temperature variation in bearings fluid that is used to lubricate the roller presses is provided by an automated oil supply. As soon as the machine is turned on the machine that supplies oil will begin charging itself automatically for 10 minutes. However, users of the roller press should periodically examine whether the bulk of the oil is containing oil and whether the oil supply is smooth and has an oil supply to lubricate.