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Eyelash Extension Care: Before & After

We all love to look our best, be it with highlighted make-up or a nude one, or something as chic as an eyelash extension. However, what majorly skips our mind is the prep it takes before and after. 

Your skin and your lash extension need attention and good care sessions which are also highly advised by professionals. If you’re looking for more information about professional eyelash extension kits check this out.

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Follow these simple tips and steps before the treatment

1. The cost

Good quality eyelash extensions are now affordable for each one of you out there. You can check the range and all the options to choose the best one. 

2. The lash shape

What a lot of people forget to decide beforehand is the shape of lashes that they would prefer. Now, this depends on whether they want to go for a dramatic look or a more natural look. 

Follow these simple tips and steps aftercare for dazzling eyelashes

1. Clean & Healthy lashes

Followed by a gentle wash with water and let it dry naturally. This will help remove any excess leftover mascara or fallout of eye shadow.

2. Oil-free makeup and removers

Oils in your makeup product are the real enemy of your lash extensions. They tend to loosen your lash bond leading to premature lash loss and nobody enjoys that. 

Choose the perfect eyelash extension kit that comes with the right remover and be ready to daunt that dramatic or sweet girl look all season.