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Effective Attendance Tracker System Enhancing Employee Supervision

In every company whether it is large or small the tracking of employees and their supervision is a crucial issue. This is especially true when companies pay employees on a basis of time. Many companies use various types of systems for staff absence management

Before these systems were created, many companies were faced with issues that involved incorrect time-punching and buddy punching. These often resulted in attendance and payroll mistakes. However, with the introduction of technologically sophisticated tracking devices, such mistakes are being eliminated.


Let's take an overview of some tracking systems commonly employed by the majority of companies.

There are two kinds of tracking devices utilized these days: time clocks used for employee attendance, as well as time-tracking applications and software to perform specific jobs. They work in a similar way to the traditional time clocks of the past. 

They are however more precise (most feature accuracy of down to the second) and also can confirm the information of employees. There are many different kinds of time clocks that are employed, with some using badges, pins, or biometric time clocks.

PIN time clocks function by giving employees a PIN, which they have to use to enter whenever they go into their workplaces at beginning of their shift. They then type it in again after you leave the office at the conclusion of the shift.

Time badge clocks however utilize either magnetic or barcode strips to keep track of attendance and time. Employees can swipe badges using time clocks equipped with magnetic strips or bar code readers that accurately note the times they enter and exit from the facility.