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DNA Testing For Immigration

DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid; it carries information about the genes in the cells of the body. DNA is in the nucleus of the cell. The human body consists of almost 3 billion bases, of which about 99% are similar in all humans. 

What distinguishes each human being from another is the composition of  DNA.Modern and  discreet DNA testing  can help you to do the distinguishing.

DNA testing

DNA testing is also done for immigration. There are a variety of test methods to determine a biological link to immigration; includes paternity and maternity tests.

Performing a DNA immigration test requires embassy documents that require proof of connection between the customer and the recipient. Prior to the test, the person's full contact information is collected, such as full name, address, and contact information. Before the test starts, the customer makes a half payment.

After completing the initial formalities, a DNA collection kit, consisting of a return form and sampling instructions, will be sent to the embassy. The embassy then arranges for people who are entitled to take samples abroad to be assigned. This can sometimes take some time due to the limited availability of embassy staff. An appointment is made for the customer in the country to collect samples at a suitable location.

After taking the sample, it is sent back to the laboratory. Once all required samples arrive at the laboratory, DNA testing is completed within 2-5 days depending on the type of test performed.

DNA test will start after full payment, DNA test result with clear explanation will be sent to immigration authorities and customer.

1. Ensure that the DNA test is carried out in a laboratory that has the necessary accreditation to carry out the test.

2.Technical support and experienced workers help to make the process very easy.

3.Make sure the testing company you choose has the best testing tools.

4.It is very important to choose a location that will keep test results confidential and under no circumstances should they be shared with unauthorized persons.

5.There are different testing companies, it is important to choose an affordable DNA test.

6.The time it takes to send the DNA kit and the time it takes to get the DNA results.

Today, immigration by DNA testing is a common immigration practice.