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Canadas Fulfillment Center For FBA Prep Services

Fulfillment refers to the process of fulfilling an order by receiving it and making it available to the target customer. Amazon is the driving force behind online transactions. 

Amazon's ability to ship so many items a day is due to the simplified inbound process. You can also look for the best fulfillment center in Canada via

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FBA Prep Services include:

1. Quality control

2. Repackaging

3. Labeling

4. Fragile item preparation

5. Loose products

6. Sold as a set

7. Boxed units

8. Polybagged units

9. Case-packed products

10. Expiration dates

Where is your product manufactured?

The best solution would be for your manufacturer to prep the products for FBA for you, but you’d have to calculate how much that affects your shipping rates. 

If you’re importing from China or another foreign country, you’ll probably want to save as much as you can on shipping to the U.S. To do this you’ll need to put more than 1 SKU on a pallet which is great for lowering costs but makes the product unfit as an FBA receivable.

What packing materials are needed?

If you need specific packing materials such as poly mailers, fragile item wrapping, or labels, a fulfillment center may be a great option. They have various materials in stock and may even give you a discount since they can be purchased in bulk.